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Eine Reise nach Athen -Travelling to Athens 2

Eindrücke unseres tschechischen Partners
Impressions from children from Sumperk

Last week we started our journey in Šumperk and travelled about 2000 kms to Athens. We took a train, an underground , a bus and a plane from Prague to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to Athens. The flights were really exciting and we were all the time looking out of the windows. In the Athens airport we met Greek teachers and the Spanish team. We were really surprised how small Spanish pupils and also teachers are (O: Then we travelled by metro to the hotel Titania. It was really beautiful and we liked the entrance hall with the stars on the ceiling. There we met friends from other countries. At the begining we were shy to talk and we were only watching and smiling. We were also much tired after the log travelling so we went to slee soon. On Sunday morning we went for a trip by bus to the Poseidon Temple. We could see marathon runners out of the window. When the bus stopped, everyone was happy to see the sea and ran to the shore. Lukáš found an old Greek coin from 1968. Then our journey continued to the South. We climbed a hill and could see the Temple. The view on the sea and islandswas wonderful. Those small birds were also nice (O:  Then we got hungry and went to a nice restaurant on a beach. Teachers  were eating seafood  and we had souvlaki. In the restaurant we dared to talk to the Turkish pupils and our friendship started (O: It was a nice day and in the evening in the hotel we still continued talking. On Monday morning we went to school in Egaleo.
Thursday. We saw the Acropolis museum , the guide was the same as the day efore. She told us much but later on we decided to see all the exhibits (O: The history of Athens is really interesting, but we will need more time to remember it all . After that we had a walk with our teachers Milan and Heli. Boys went to see  LOGO shop and a demonstrativ in streets and girl went shopping. Dominika and Angelika bought new dresses and were very happy (O:

We like the Comenius corner , all the Picture on the walls and the theatre plays.  Thanks foor the nice cakes and all the food we could taste in the school. In the afternoon we went to Mc. Donalds and then we were walking in alight Athens. We reached Acropolis hill and went through the park to the small lanes full of small shops. We wondered when we saw all the free dogs in the streets and some homeless people… On Wednesday we went altogether by bus to the Ministry of Education and saw a gallery there. Then we went to the Acropolis and had a guided tour. The guide has been  really clever and nice, but we couldn´t catch all the stories she was telling , so we were just looking at the old nice sights and tried to imagine those old times. We like the Acropolis  a lot and also the view from the rock all over Athens. In the evening we went to a park at Syntagma, very peaceful place..we went to a playground and enjoyed time with our friends there.

In the evening we came to the Egaleo school again. We could see Greek dances and listened to the music. Some pupils were teaching u show to dance, it was funny.
Friday. We were looking forward to make masks for Carneval. We haven´t done much , but there was a nice and very profesional painter who decorated our faces , so we looked beautiful and went dancing. We enjoyed it.
Saturday morning. We were sad, because we had to say goodbye  to our new friends.
The journey home was very long , but we shared some time with the Spanish friends in Munich, so it wasn´t boring to wait for our flights home.
We wish to meet our friends again, let´s hope that our wishes will fulfill!
                                                                                                                                                                                    Angelika Forajtová                                                                                                                                                                    Lukáš Dušek                                                                                                                                                                                Jiří Vojáček                                                                                                                                                                            from 7.A class

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