Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

Kunstwettbewerb "Die Welt von Erde und Luft" - Art competition in Sumperk

Die Schüler der Klassen 5 bis 9 unserer Partnerschule in Tschechien haben einen Kunstwettbewerb durchgeführt. Thema war "Die Welt von Erde und Luft".
Die Bilder der Kinder zeigen in mit viel Kreativität und Fantasie das Leben über und unter der Erde.
eine Auswahl der besten Bilder zu treffen war nicht einfach. Hier nun die schönsten.
Die Kinder haben zu ihren Bildern jeweils eine kurze Beschreibung abgegeben.

Martin Malínek, 9.A class
A big tree is standing on a small hill. The tree used to be a home of an owl. But one day a big twister came and grabbed everything in its path. Now the little owl is taken by the ruthless twister.
The sky is full of clouds and I can feel coming autumn in the air.
Under the ground there are two large holes and one of them looks like a big frog. These are homes of some underground creatures. Life under the ground seems to be safer , because no twister can take anything…

Jaromír Březina, 9.A class 

People stopped to enjoy life on earth. People feel threatened and therefore they decided to hide. Those who like the darkness, hid in the depths of the earth, those who are fond of light, built their homes in the air. You can see the undeground  city with the beautiful golden palace with the tower. There are many plain corridors, but only one of them leads to the golden palace. There is only one entrance into the underground kingdom. If you want to get to the flying parts of earth, you have to take a balloon or a flying boat…



We had an Art Competition in our school. Pupils od 5th - 9th classes had to draw  how they see the world below ground and above ground :  "World of Earth and Air". As you can see in the pictures, children have  rich imagination. It was very difficult to choose the best image and therefore we decided to appreciate more pictures.  Later kids were telling their stories about the pictures they had painted.

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