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Schüler berichten Teil 2 - experiences of students from Finnland in Parrillas, Spain

Short memories from the Comenius meeting in Spain by Finnish children
Erinnerungen der finnischen Kinder an unser Projektreffen in Spanien, 26.04. - 04.05.2013

We had nice time in Spain!
It was great to get new friends and get to know Spanish family life.
I think that Romeria fest was the nicest day in there in Spain. We were outside almost the whole day. We got sun shine at the field, played different kind of games, had picnics and we also saw there in a church how people gave presents to Virgin Mary.

It was also super to visit in Toledo and of course in Madrid, the capital of Spain. We also visited one evening in Talavera with our hostes. We were shopping there, walking in a park and in Mc Donalds, too.
Comenius trip was more than great!!

Romeria´s party was really awesome!
I liked to see Spanish culture. Food was really great, and I really enjoyed to watch kids dancing "pujas". It was really interesting day.
It was so perfect, weather wasn't so good all the time, but it's allright.
Spanish food was perfect, and our host families were really nice. It was great to see the school of Parillas, I really learned a lot of new things. And I got new friends too! 
Thanks to everybody! I would like to come again to Spain!


I´ve got really good feelings of the trip. We visited in Madrid, Toledo, Talavera de la Reina and Parillas village. We also took part in Romeria happening. My Spanish family was really great thought their English wasn´t too good.

Aino who celebrated her birthdays on the way

On Friday 3.5. we left back home from Parillas. We had been one week on the Comenius trip. The first two nights we stayed in hostels and the rest of the week by Spanish families – both was super! During the week we had many great impressions like visiting in stalactite gaves, celebrating Romeria and making home cheese.

The whole trip was great and people even 
more great!! I can´t remember even one small moment I had have boring – by the thruth I´d love to stay longer there than only one week…

Liinu from Finland

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